Gold Investment Types and Strategies to Avoid, and Why

The uncertain economic environment these days has had many investor shun the stock and bond markets and flock toward the safety of tangible assets like gold and silver. In addition to gold or silver coins and bullion, there are other investment strategies related to precious metals available. However, the risks involved in most of the options currently offered make them unsuitable for the average investor interested in having a hedge against inflation or protecting their buying power in the event of a general collapse of the economy. Some of the options also make it difficult for investors to know what they are actually buying. The list of gold investment types and strategies most investors should avoid includes:

#1. Futures and Options

These investments present a great deal of risk, and most experts recommend investors stay away from them. While the strategy may yield strong returns during some periods, a downturn often means investors lose a considerable amount of money very quickly. There are several ways this strategy can end, and they may even include a profit, but the odds of success make the strategy risky at best.

#2. Gold and Silver Mining Stocks

Mining Cart In Silver, Gold, Copper Mine
Mining Cart In Silver, Gold, Copper Mine

Mining stocks may be a good investment for some people or institutions, but the industry is notoriously unstable, with mining operations commonly shutting down when prices are low. While they can reopen when prices are rising, the reopening process can be time consuming and expensive.

#3. Numismatic Purchases

numismatic gold coins
Pile of gold coins and bullion and words In God We Trust

Advisors generally discourage numismatic purchases, as very few people actually know the value of collectable coins. In addition, the collectable coins are, as a rule, difficult to sell quickly. That means anyone holding the coins is not able to recoup their investment easily when it may be needed most. There are other issues, especially with using coins for IRAs, that will be discussed later.

#4. Pools and Certificates

Again, the risks are significant with these strategies. The investor simply holds a piece of paper representing the gold, not the gold itself. The entity holding the actual gold has all the power, meaning they can make decisions not advantageous to the certificate holder.

#5. Leveraged Purchases

In this strategy, the gold buyer borrows money to invest. While it’s possible to come out ahead in this scenario, it can be disastrous if the value of the commodity, be it gold, silver or another precious metal, goes down. The money still has to be repaid with interest. The better strategy is to save money and use the cash to invest rather than taking on the additional risks associated with borrowing money to invest.

#6. Gold and Silver Purchased on Margin

Just as in the stock market, buying on margin has the potential to produce profits, but the risks of loss are just as great. When buying on margin, only the down payment, or margin, is required. The remaining funds are borrowed. That means if the value of the commodity goes down, the buyer is still liable for the entire purchase price. That’s not an acceptable risk for anyone looking for security and a hedge against inflation.

#7. Junk Gold or Silver

Junk, or scrap, silver and gold are just what the name implies. They are the castoffs from someone’s jewelry box or other metals of unknown quality. While some dealers do make a profit from buying junk gold and silver, they generally know what they are doing and offer very low prices to offset the risks they are taking. Leave this type of transaction to the dealers who know gold and silver and are able to take risks.
Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and investors might want to consider one or more of the above strategies once they become more knowledgeable or have capital they are willing to put at significant risk. The rationale for avoiding these strategies is explained in Screw the BS: How to Invest in Gold and Silver.

If you are considering adding gold, silver or other precious to your retirement portfolio, has great information on gold ira’s as well as the mechanics of performing gold ira rollover’s along with reviews of the best gold ira companies.

Who Is Ed Barsano

The founder and CEO of CoolTrade Inc., Ed Barsano, has had a diverse career that prepared him for his most recent achievements. For many years, Barsano served his country in the U.S. Navy aboard the U.S.S. Badger and the U.S.S. Enterprise, where he worked in data processing. After retiring from the military, Barsano joined Microsoft as a software design engineer. Over time, he rose to the positions of project manager and worldwide operations unit manager. During his years at Microsoft, Barsano was a key part of Microsoft’s development of its support software systems for products and customers in addition to building general company knowledge. Mr. Barsano also holds qualification as a FINRA Series 65 in Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination and has worked for automatic Capital Systems Hedge Fund as an Investment Advisor.

Barsano retired from Microsoft in 1995 with ample savings, believing that he was financially secure for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, the market crashed and eliminated 65 percent of his investment funds. As he analyzed this sudden loss of financial security, Barsano realized that a major culprit behind the market crash was the use of computerized trading systems that have become increasingly popular on Wall Street. However, Barsano did not accept his misfortune and move on. Instead, he became determined to create software that could potentially equalize opportunities for all investors. By integrating his knowledge of data processing, software engineering and financial savvy, Barsano went to work creating Cool Trader Pro. Since CoolTraderPro was completed, it has earned prominence among traders worldwide.

CoolTrade Inc. has grown since it was founded in 2001 thanks to partnerships with leading companies such as TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, and OptionsHouse. Today, clients in 68 countries look to CoolTrade Inc. for software trading solutions. Based on neural networks, CoolTraderPro utilizes artificial intelligence to automate stock trading for investors. The complexity of stock market indicators is overcome by the monitoring performed by this robotic trader. A stealth mode is also available to clients, letting them catch new market conditions before they become apparent to human traders. This creates more opportunities for profit during each trading session.

Since 1981, Ed Barsano has been married to Jeanne Castro, who is from Bremerton, Washington. Today, Ed lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife and their three children. Even with his demonstrated family values and military service, some skeptical consumers may ask: Does Ed Barsano scam people? Considering the way major trading companies throughout the world have trusted Ed Barsano’s technology with their business, the truth is clear: Ed Barsano is definitely no scam artist. Essentially, Barsano has leveled the field for investors as many recognize the need for an edge in a market that, until recently, has been dominated by companies with exclusive access to robotic trading systems similar to CoolTraderPro.

Cool Trader Pro scam

The wariness common to modern consumers has caused many would-be traders to assume that Cool Trader Pro scams its users. Considering the high praise given to Cool Trader Pro and the fact that it remains the only automated stock trading program available to consumers, a little skepticism may be understandable. Cool Trader Pro does not claim to offer fast and easy riches. However, it does put major power in the hands of individual traders, who might otherwise be shut out of stock market profits because of domination by companies using nothing but robotic trading. Here are three fallacies that have led some people to assume Cool Trader Pro is a scam and the facts that prove its legitimacy.

1. “It must be a scam because stock brokers don’t use it!”

Some consumers point out that if stock brokers don’t utilize Cool Trader Pro, the program must be a scam. In reality, Cool Trader Pro is rarely used by brokers because most work with too many clients for the program to be an option. Having hundreds of computers and hundreds of instances of the program running at any time would simply not be feasible. Financial advisors, however, have been known to use Cool Trader Pro to develop smart advice for their clients. Having this power on hand means that traders can rest easy while their computer makes trades automatically in response to freshly analyzed data.

2. “How could that price be justified?”

An initial investment is necessary to get started with Cool Trader Pro, and users should consider the the program’s personal value before buying. No fail-safe cash-making method can be bought anywhere. However, Cool Trade Pro can come close by unlocking potentially huge profits for traders. Consumers who buy the program now also get a subscription of one to two years from their date of purchase depending on the package they choose. Aided by the unlimited technical support and free updates that come with Cool Trade Pro, traders have a prime opportunity to identify, develop and refine stock-trading strategies, automate trading actions and build impressive profits.

3. “How can the program automate profits?”

One could say that Cool Trader Pro automates profits for users, but traders still have to choose strategies that support their financial goals. In manual trading, the trader must continually monitor stock changes and buy or sell accordingly. Meanwhile, traders using Cool Trader Pro can devote more time to strategy because after techniques are chosen, the program will perform the right actions automatically. When profitable techniques are used, profits truly are automated.

Cool Trader Pro makes automatic profits available to individual stock traders, putting them in a position to compete with the robotic trading used by the biggest trading firms. The program is not an instant money-making scam, and its value to traders is verified by partnerships with top trading houses TD Ameritrade, OptionsHouse, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading and At the end of the trading day, traders who use Cool Trader Pro are hugely empowered with automation that is now practically essential for stock trading success.

Cool Trader Pro Complaints

Cool Trader Pro has won partnerships with globally respected trading firms and remains the only fully automated stock trading software available to consumers. However, any product is likely to field at least a few complaints, and Cool Trader Pro is no exception. Here’s a closer look at the most frequent Cool Trader Pro complaints.

1. “I don’t like the the software interface, and the program updates too frequently.”

Cool Trader Pro has an interface designed to ease use of its many options. Considering the complex nature of the program, it’s no wonder that its controls might seem confusing and possibly even intimidating to some users at first. With experience, however, users are sure to appreciate the utility of the program’s point-and-click interface. Regular updates bring new features and options to users and are included at no cost after the initial purchase.2. “The program runs slow on my computer.”

Cool Trader Pro needs a certain amount of computing power to perform at a high level. With so many calculations being made at any given moment, Cool Trader Pro may cause lag on computers that lack sufficient resources. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended for optimal performance. If problems persist, users can contact technical support, which is available during business hours and on weekends to help users set up and optimize their systems for Cool Trader Pro.3. “This program works for fundamental trading but not technical trading.”

Users may find that Cool Trader Pro is easiest to set up for fundamental trading, but it’s actually designed for both types. Traders who would prefer to use a fundamental approach can get started right away with preselected strategies, and technical trading can be accomplished with the program’s Strategy Wizard. While the learning curve may be easier for traders who are veterans at technical trading, experience with the program is essential for getting the best long-term results in either trading style.

4. “The preselected strategy options are too restrictive.”

The options offered by Cool Trader Pro reflect user suggestions received since the original release in 2005. Parameters determine responses to price changes are similar to those used in any strategy, and they can be adjusted in Cool Trading Pro by people who aren’t computer programmers. It’s important to note that users still need to select or devise the right strategies for their own stock choices and long-term financial goals.

5. “This program is too expensive!”

The initial price of Cool Trader Pro includes much more than the software itself. At present, users get a subscription of one to two years depending on the package they buy. Technical support and regular updates provided at no additional cost also contribute to the total value. Cool Trader Pro is unique and is still the only fully automated stock trading software available to consumers. For serious stock traders, the initial investment required for Cool Trader Pro is easily justified considering future returns.

Cool Trader Pro complaints have addressed items ranging from the interface to the cost of purchase, but many of the complaints involve misconceptions. Before investing in Cool Trader Pro, every investor should thoroughly research the system. In the end, traders who buy Cool Trading Pro and take time to learn the software will make the biggest strides towards big automated stock trading profits.

Cool Trader Pro Review

Modern investors have been disadvantaged by the automated trading programs used by major trading institutions. When the market crashed in 2000, Ed Barsano recognized this and decided to create Cool Trader Pro automated stock trading software. This program puts all traders on the same playing field with major companies by making trades automatically all the time based on chosen criteria. This Cool Trader Pro review shows the workings of the system and what makes it unique.

What Is Cool Trader Pro?

Cool Trader Pro is a software system that lets the average stock trader engage in automated stock trading. In contrast to manual trading, which requires frequent analysis and attention to tiny changes in the market, trading with Cool Trader Pro simply involves establishing rules and letting the program pick and make profitable trades.

Stock Market Quotes
Stock Market Quotes

Although Cool Trader Pro requires users to set the rules that dictate the program’s actions, new traders don’t have to worry about this step. The software lets users choose from an assortment of effective strategies and get started right away. At the same time, advanced users can build a trading system that meets their needs by using the program’s point-and-click Strategy Wizard.

Some stock investors have been reluctant to start using Cool Trader Pro because their brokers told them that it doesn’t work. After all, they reason, if the software really automated the trading process, wouldn’t all professionals use it every day? The truth is that many financial advisors do use Cool Trader Pro with great results for their clients. Stock brokers could use the software, but it wouldn’t be practical for brokers working with hundreds of clients to use hundreds of instances of the program on hundreds of computers.

What Computing Requirements Does Cool Trader Pro Have?

Ed Barsano, who worked at Microsoft in several positions including software developer, designed Cool Trader Pro to work on Microsoft Windows. However, Mac users can also use the software by installing the Microsoft emulator Parallels. Cool Trader Pro works best on computers running at least 4 GB of RAM.

How Does Cool Trader Pro Work?

Cool Trader Pro buys and sells trades based on criteria that users either select or design with the Strategy Wizard. The program only buys symbols within the price range designated by the user, and it adds and removes stocks from the watch list as prices change. Both fundamental and technical aspects of trading can be adjusted, making it possible for users to modify the program’s workings to match their current levels of manual monitoring and technical understanding.

Users don’t need prior trading experience to take advantage of the program’s features. However, the software does include a simulator mode so users can increase their trading confidence before buying and selling on the market. This simulator mode can be used in combination with data feeds from brokers, making it a valuable tool for gaining experience. It’s important to note that you don’t actually have to have an account with a brokerage when you’re ready to start trading with Cool Trader Pro. You can trade without a brokerage account, but the company recommends that you get one eventually to take advantage of more complex data as you refine your approach.

Cool Trader Pro does not currently support trading of futures or commodities. However, users can trade currencies, also known as forex, and equities. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t support index trading. However, this can actually be a good thing because rather than waiting a long time for profits from index trades, users can profit daily thanks to the program’s ability to constantly monitor prices of individual stocks. Margin accounts can also be used with Cool Trader Pro by traders who want to short the market.

What if the Computer Shuts Off?

It’s easy to imagine the problems that might occur if automated stock trading software were to shut off due to sudden loss of power or Internet connectivity. The designers of Cool Trader Pro have addressed this issue with a number of safeguards. If your computer goes offline, the program will stop trading instantly as your positions are kept in a buy-and-hold mode. In addition, an included program called Watchdog is always running in the background. If Cool Trader Pro were to freeze, Watchdog would relaunch it again after five minutes. If you go on vacation, you can easily leave the software running and check it using any remote access software.

How Is Cool Trader Pro Unique?

Cool Trader Pro isn’t available from any other company, and it has remained the only fully automated stock trading program that doesn’t require its users to know how to program computers. Most competitors offering supposedly automated trading software really only send users alerts about market changes rather than buying and selling automatically. The pre-loaded strategies and Strategy Wizard make profitable trading possible for anyone who can use a computer mouse.

Some people have questioned whether the availability of Cool Trader Pro might saturate the market as more users move to automated trading. In reality, the trades being made by individuals can hardly compare in number to the hundreds of millions of daily trades being made by huge investment firms. However, this software gives investors a major boost by handing them automation rivaling that used by major companies.

How Much Does Cool Trader Pro Cost?

The initial cost of the software is $3,500, which also covers the first year’s subscription. Afterwards, the annual fee drops to $1,500, which breaks down to $125 per month. However, the company is currently offering a promotion in which the monthly fee is waived for the first two to three years based on the date of purchase. This deal may disappear after more investors buy the software. Registered users can easily transfer the software to another user if they no longer need it at any point. Costs of trading depend on the broker, with many charging one dollar for each of the first 200 trades. However, users of Cool Trader Pro can get a discount on TD Ameritrade brokerage services by registering through a link on the Cool Trade website.


Cool Trader Pro enables automated trading for users without programming ability. Pre-set strategies and options on the Strategy Wizard reflect suggestions and feedback received by Cool Trade since it released this software in 2005. Thousands of traders, ranging in experience from novice to professional and located in more than 40 countries, use Cool Trader Pro to make profitable trades on not only AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ but also six foreign exchanges: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, London and India.

Upon buying Cool Trader Pro, users can immediately download the program and have access to six videos that walk users through the set-up process. Also included in the purchase price is an eight-hour live training class. Finally, users can get CDs containing supplementary training and have access to customer service and technical support by phone or email during business hours and on weekends. As program upgrades are released, they are available to Cool Trader Pro owners at no additional cost.

Stealth Mode is one of the best and most unique features offered by Cool Trader Pro. In manual trading, a trader’s limit order is visible to other traders. This means that others may modify their own strategies in response to the trader’s plans, effectively removing a possible advantage and changing the market’s future. Stealth Mode keeps limit orders hidden from others and boosts users’ profits by holding on to stocks even as they pass their established goals, only selling when the stocks pull back.


Although traders can start using Cool Trader Pro without any prior stock trading experience, some learning is necessary to take full advantage of the software. However, this is offset by the training and support included in the purchase price. Training is unlimited, and the company welcomes opportunities to help users maximize their profits. The only area in which Cool Trade staff cannot give advice is in choosing stocks as they are not registered investment advisors or brokers. When trading advice is desired, the company recommends that users contact a financial advisor.

Our Recommendation

Cool Trader Pro is not a program designed to pull riches out of thin air. However, it is a valuable piece of software for users who want to maximize their stock trading profits automatically based on strategies that they choose or design. Beginners can get started making profitable trades without spending years getting experience. Finally, an array of support services helps both novice and advanced users configure their software to help them reach their goals.

If you found this Cool Trader Pro review helpful and are ready to purchase the software and get started, please buy Cool Trader Pro through our affiliate link. This won’t add any cost to your purchase price, and we’ll receive a commission for our efforts.